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Your Brazilian Bikini Moment

What I Learnt from my Vacay.

This is the first time that I have gone on a holiday with my family since a weekend in Sorrento when my 2nd child was about 6months old, and it was the middle of winter about 2 years ago. So as you can probably tell I was really looking forward to getting away.

From the time we booked it, it seemed so far into the future. But as it got closer and Melbourne’s winter got colder and iceier, I could start to feel the warm sun beating down on my skin. The bright summers sky along with the laughter of kids on the beach.

My Preparation

I can already hear some of you saying ‘What preparations, just pack and go’. Work and family wise it was suppose to be a quiet winter, like it always is. But this year winter has been quite busy. A lot of chances to implement and kids to look after. There is a list of my Summer Vacay Prep

  • Personal Development Course – there is nothing better than taking some time to work on yourself. There is always room for improvement, plus it gave me some extra tools to use with my clients

  • Self Tanner – Natural of course. I’m in love with Arbonne Self tanner.

  • Making sure Kids have swimwear – They have grown heaps since Melbourne’s last winter

  • And packing of course

Two weeks on vacation always goes rather slow for me, and I love that. It is the first real summer that I have use 100% organic sunscreen on myself, and I must admit I am glad I made the switch.

But more importantly I want to go through with you what I learnt from these holidays;

  • No amount of self-tanner is gong to make you blend in when you are holidaying in Hawaii. The sun here is hot and everyone is tanned to the max. When you are coming from freezing Melbourne, you just may as well love the way you are. White skinned and all.

  • Leave the makeup at home. Lets face it, it is nice to go make up free for a while and your skin will love you for it, but reality is the skin colour you left with is not the skin colour your going to come back with.

  • That race, size, colour really doesn’t matter.

I know we keep talking about this, but when you are all in the one place at the same time you really get a good understanding on how we can all work together, but also most importantly how we work as in individual. All we need to do is care for ourselves and everything will fall into place.

As I walk down the beach, there are every different Nationalities, every colour, shape and size and different levels of hairiness.

But everyone is confident with them selves. 80% of the women are in Brazilian cut bikinis whether they are 16 or 86, size 4 or 24. Men are walking around with no shirts and it doesn’t matter if they are ripped or like the guy I was walking behind, pale with a back full of red hair (I just hope he had enough sunscreen on). They all walk with confidence and pride.

Can you imaging if we walked everywhere in life like this. With our head held high, the beach boys playing in the background, the bright sun shining, with our Brazilian bikinis on.

I want you to think of this confidence the next time you walk into that boardroom, the office, when you talk to your next client, husband or mother in law.

Because believing and being that confident person with not worries is the key. And you know what…. The rest will follow.

So I want you to close your eyes for a second and create a clear picture in your minds on what your summer vacation feels like. What are you wearing, what does your sunscreen smell like, what music is playing in the background. Are you at a beach, diving the great seas or laid out on a yacht. Bring forward to life your most confident moment. The next time you need to access this confidence, bring up that very picture and play it out.

Feel, Live & Be free xx

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