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Who is in the Mirror?

The other day I was contemplating on my life and all the adventures I have embarked on. All the different jobs I have had, the different friends that I have and had as well as the different roles that I have played in my life. And this got me thinking. Do we know who is looking back at us in the mirror?

It is easy in this modern world to get caught up in stereotypes, putting others and ourselves in a boxed category, focusing on the outer. The mother, the corporate women, the extrovert, the hippy, the gym junkie, the beach girl, the tech head and the list goes on. But what happens if you fit into more than one stereotype. Does that make you an outcast, or do you float between groups? Does that mean your weird, adventurous, knowledgeable? Does it actually mean anything at all?

Does it really matter what we turn up looking like? Sounding like? Or acting like?

My answer is No. I wanted to really work out how I am. So this is me…

I am a healer, a nurturer, a lover, a friend, a woman, a mentor, a shoulder to cry on, a smile, a women to be loved, a life force, I am so many things. But the best thing is, I am ME.


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