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Embrace your divine femininity..xoxo

As I sit here and ponder on the week that just was, I reflect back on myself and the clients that I have seen and the message the world is trying to tell me.

As women in what sometimes seems like a male dominated world, we often fight for approval, power and control. And at times this fight can be so strong, that we can start to loose touch with our feminine side.

So today I have made a list for you on ways we can all get back in touch with our femininity. This is the core essence of who we are. If we drive forward with our feminine soul this can be and will be much more powerful than anything else.

  1. Start Moving – Feminine energy is moving. Wind, hurricanes, the ocean are all sources of feminine energy and are always changing. So if you are in an office or stuck indoors, go out for a walk. Float with the breeze and breath in the pure air.

  2. Take your Pants off –We were not designed to be boxed up and restricted. Get in touch with your

  1. Girly Time – Lets face it we were born to talk. Let your feeling flow and reconnect with all the feminine energy possible.

  2. Receiving – Feminine energy is receiving. The next time you are complimented, receive it with thanks. By receiving love, positive energy and attention it helps fill our feminine bucket. This doesn’t necessarily have to be receiving from others, we can receive these from ones self. Do something nice for your self today. ie. A bubble bath, a pedicure, a new matching lingerie set.

  3. Get lost in your senses – smell the flowers, eat some chocolate, drink some wine, listen to some beautiful music. Let your mind and senses take you to a place of divine love and light.

What will you do today!


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