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Your Mentor, Therapist, Healer


I'm Jennifer McCormack, your Kinesiologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Strategic Psychotherapist and Author.

My passion and purpose is to guide you to quantum leap into goals within business, health and wellness.

I believe the body is a unique gift that needs to be taken care of. From our mind, physical body and spiritually, all these areas work in harmony with one other. If one aspect is out of balance, the others can be affected. My goal is to assist you in achieving the best you can be in all areas.


I truly believe that we are all born with everything we need in life to succeed at any level. Just sometimes these can get blocked along the way, through emotional events and traumas that affect every one of us in different ways.


Kinesiology and hypnotherapy has personally played a big role in my and my family's life with sleep issues in my kids, healing my eczema that I have had since birth, removing pain from a car accident that left me with a sprained back, healing fructose malabsorption, improving my self-confidence, helped me move forward from childhood trauma’s, setting and achieving goals and supporting me through my career development.




My Approach

Our lives are the way they are due to the way we think, feel and act.  Our beliefs, values and way of thinking are obtained during childhood and built upon as well grow and experience life and trauma.

To improve our health both mentally and physically and to improve our lives experience we need to change the way we think, feel and act both consciously and subsconsciously. 

I work using kinesiology muscle testing as the foundation of the treatment to connect with your subscious, as it knows the best way for you to heal, grow and change.

From there we are able to create lasting energic and cognitive changes to help the body mentally, emotionally and physically heal, transform and expand. I do this with a combination of Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NRT and intuitive coaching.

As a by-product you will not only feel better and become more connected to yourself, but also you will notice the change in experiences that life will bring.

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