Aligning Your Mind & Body to Your Business Goals

As coaches, healers and entrepreneurs you all have a beautiful gift of working with people, you have the tools and marketing strategies you need to grow your business, but now its time to progress to the next level. It's time to attract new clients and increase your revenue, but for some reason, your strategies are not getting you the results anymore.  The hours you are putting in are tiring, it's stressful and you are starting to doubt yourself. This is where we can work together to get the results, so you can have peace of mind as well as a thriving business. Let's look deeper into your business to align you with your goals for your business growth.

Get More Clients, Increase Income,

With Less Stress, More Ease.

Be Aligned With Your Business!


Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it. And most of the time it is until we hit barriers like fear, self-doubt, lack of confidence, and other roadblocks along the way.


What if we could recognise these barriers before we take action? 

What if we could clear the stress, fears and doubts before stepping forward?

What if you would balance our life and business so it all flourished together?


Would this make things easier?

Many clients I work with want to break through the barriers that are holding them back from growing and expanding their business. While they know the strategy is in a crucial part of the process, it is also important to remember that the way we think, feel, our beliefs/values/programming play a huge role in any success we have in life.

Whether it is not feeling good enough, feeling like the market is too saturated, holding back our true beliefs in cause we are criticised, fear of success, fear of failure, not wanting to charge too much, wanting to help everyone instead of niching down or simply one of many money blocks, these are issues entrepreneurs are faced with every day from every level of business.

Kinesiology helps to understand the cause of the through pattern and balance this within our body and mind. To help align us to what we want to achieve.

Let's work on;

- Aligning to your goals

- Money Beliefs / Blocks (ie working hard for money)

- Fear of being seen

- Fear of failure

- Fear of success

- Procrastination

- Imposture Syndrome

- Aligning to your ideal client

and so much more...

Kinesiology for Business Sessions

Sessions are done either at Hampton Vic

or online via Zoom.


Private consultations

Investment -

$245aud - 1hr consultation 


6 x 1 hr Session Package for $1200aud