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Aligning Your Mind & Energy to Your

Business Goals


Coaches, Healers & Entrepreneurs

As coaches, healers and entrepreneurs you all have a beautiful gift of working with people, you have the tools and marketing strategies you need to grow your business, but now its time to progress to the next level. It's time to attract new clients and increase your revenue, but for some reason, your strategies are not getting you the results anymore.  The hours you are putting in are tiring, it's stressful and you are starting to doubt yourself. This is where we can work together to get the results, so you can have peace of mind as well as a thriving business. Let's look deeper into your business to align you with your goals for your business growth.

Get More Clients, Increase Income,
With Less Stress, More Ease.

Be Aligned With Your Business Goals!

I'm Jennifer, and I am beyond excited to connect with you and embark on an incredible journey together. As a strategic kinesiologist and hypnotherapist who specializes in working with entrepreneurs like yourself, I am here to help you break free from those pesky mindset blocks and tap into your money-making flow.



Let's get real for a moment. I understand the challenges and struggles you face as an entrepreneur because I've been there too. The self-doubt, the fears, the moments of feeling stuck—it's all part of the journey. But here's the thing: you have so much untapped potential within you, just waiting to be unleashed!



Through the power of strategic kinesiology, I'll be your guide, your confidante, and your biggest cheerleader as we dive deep into your mindset. We'll uncover those hidden barriers that have been holding you back, those beliefs that no longer serve you, and together, we'll replace them with empowering thoughts and beliefs that align with your true potential.



But let me tell you, my approach is not just about positive thinking and wishful affirmations. We'll take it a step further by incorporating muscle testing and intuitive guidance. This unique combination allows us to tap into the wisdom of your body and mind, providing insights and breakthroughs that you may have never discovered on your own.



Now, here's where the magic happens: we'll work together to create a customized action plan that aligns with your business goals and aspirations. It's not just about thinking differently; it's about taking strategic action. We'll map out your path to success, whether it's refining your marketing strategies, optimizing your sales funnels, or developing a winning mindset routine and energetically aligning you that keeps you in the flow.



But the journey doesn't end there. I am committed to your long-term success. I'll be your partner every step of the way, offering ongoing support, accountability, and encouragement. We'll celebrate your wins, navigate the challenges, and keep you motivated on this exciting entrepreneurial adventure.



So, my friend, are you ready to release those mindset blocks that have been holding you back? Are you ready to step into your money-making flow and create a business that not only thrives but brings you fulfilment and joy? If the answer is a resounding "yes," then it's time for us to connect.



Reach out to me today, and let's schedule a consultation. Together, we'll unlock your true potential, activate your money-making flow, and create a business and life that exceed your wildest dreams.



I can't wait to be your strategic kinesiologist and see you soar to new heights. Let's make this journey one filled with growth, transformation, and abundant success. Get ready to unleash the powerhouse within you!

Kinesiology helps to understand the cause of the through pattern and balance this within our body and mind. To help align us to what we want to achieve. 

Combined with Hypnotherapy to change the way you look at things and NRT for any trauma release and repatterning that we need to do, to have you kicking goal after goal.

Let's work on;

- Aligning to your  VIP clients

- Aligning to your income goals

- Money Beliefs / Blocks (ie working hard for money)

- Fear of being seen

- Fear of failure

- Fear of success

- Procrastination

- Imposture Syndrome

and so much more...

Investment: Single sessions are $495 a session

Packages are available as below

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 2.42.08 pm.png
Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 2.42.15 pm.png
Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 2.42.20 pm.png

To chat further about working together

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