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Healing Eczema Naturally

Ezcema is one of those skin conditions that if you haven't got it you certainly know someone that has. I had ezcema since birth and it wasn't just a red rash either. It was the scabby horrible to look at kind that everyone starred at. It started all over my leg, and eventually on my arms, chest and face as well. I tired this cream and that lotion, prescriptions and natural. This ointment and that powder. As I grew older I noticed the link between the flare ups and my stress levels, and one day when studying, I walking into class with it everywhere. I saw my kinesiologist straight away. Within one hour post treatment the redness subsided, by the end of the day 50% was gone and by 3 days after it was 100% gone and has never returned. This was a life changing moment for me and I will never forget it. But don't that my word for it. Below Is one of my beautiful clients that came to me with eczema on her hands that she had for years. We identified the underlying cause of the symptoms. With the skin being the biggest organ of the body any inflammation of the skin is usually the body wanting to remove toxins. It is our job to identify what toxins. This could be from emotional to chemical. With this client we worked on her symptoms and saw a big improvement after the first session.

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