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WIN 12 Months of Alignment

Create Ease and Flow through Alignment in your Business

with 12months Kinesiology & Mentoring

With Jennifer McCormack


Jennifer McCormack
Kinesiologist, NLP, NRT & Hypnotherapist

Jennifer works with Entrepreneurs, Media Personalities, CEOs, Athletes and Speakers from around the globe. Her favourite niche is helping healers and coaches align to the business of their dreams. Whether you are a start-up or reaching your first 7-figures the internal challenges are no different. Jennifer helps aligns and guide you to understanding yourself and your path, for you to grow the way you want to.

What 12months with Jennifer Will Look Like!

What You Bring To The Next 12 Months


Whenever you work with a practitioner, to help us make it worthwhile, we put skin in the game. This is normally time and money.

So, at the beginning we will set out a schedule for your sessions, all you need to do is set aside the time and show up.


Be dedicated to your growth by acknowledging how doing the inner work will contribute to growth within your business and life.


Yes, I always set homework. Because there is awareness work that needs to be done. As well alignment is 70% of the equation the other 30% is inspired action. I will teach you how to take inspired action.


For every session we do together, I ask you to share your experience on your social channel. This helps you keep track of your progress as well as inspire others as well to live their best life.

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WIN 12 Months of kinesiology & mentoring with Jennifer McCormack valued at over $2900.​

You have the option of 1 x session per month for 12 months, or you can access these 12 sessions in a shorter timeframe if you would like to fast track the process.

The winner will not be selected at random but will be carefully selected to ensure that Jennifer is the right practitioner for you, so you can gain the most out of your sessions with her.

Entries close at midnight 9th Jan 2022 and the winner will be notified by Monday 17th Jan 2022.

Fill in the form below to enter.

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