Sports Neuro Traning

Sports Neuro Training for

Anxiety & Emotional Conditioning

One aspect of performing at an elite level is about utilising your energy effectively.  When it comes to anxiety and emotional condition we want to ensure you are not sitting in a negative state or even in a highly positive state for too long as it utilises too much precious energy that could be better diverted into the physical execution of your sport.

Anxiety is just one of those negative emotions that can have a great impact on your sports performance for two reasons.

1. As previously mentioned to stay in an anxious state take up a huge amount of energy and therefore we are not able to perform physically at our best.

2. All negative emotions according to Chinese medicine affect the energy of a specific organ and muscle. Therefore sitting in a negative state for prolonged periods of time (whether it is sports-related or not) impacts the performance you can get out of your organs and muscles i.e. lungs, heart, hamstrings, core stability muscles etc.

Sports Neuro Training for

Elite Physical Conditioning

When training to be the best you can be it is critical not to just look at the physical training that you do, but to look at all aspects to find the edge.  You will be already looking at things like nutrition, general sports mindset techniques, core strengthening etc, but with neuro training, this help gives you that extra edge that you know you can obtain but do not know how.


Helps with increasing

- Flexibility

- Mobility

- Strength

- Ability

- Skill Acquisition 

If we just look at the world of sprinting we can see how over the years the time to do 100m sprint has decreased quite a bit. The body itself doesn't change, however sports science and training techniques have developed over that time.


We know we can get more out of our body, but sometimes just do not know how.​

Why Sports Neuro Training

is the edge you have been looking for?

With combining kinesiology and neuro reprocessing therapy we allow the brain to reconfigure neurologically to obtain the goals that we desire.

Ther is always a reason why we can not achieve a certain task and rewiring that brain allows us to achieve this without initially knowing what is holding us back.

There are many neurological factors that prevent us from physically being our best. 


These can include (but not restricted to):

- Emotional trauma

- Previous physical injury

- Mental and Emotional Stress

- Inner beliefs

- Self-confidence


The good things about this type of therapy are that you as the patient do not need to know why you can not achieve your sporting targets, but the brain does.

Sports Neuro Training Sessions

Sessions are done at Hampton Vic

(no Online Sessions Available for this treatment)


Private consultations

Investment - $245aud for 1hr


6 Session Package for $1100aud

**I do also offer the option to come out to your training sessions and work alongside your coach. Please enquire separately for this via the form below

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