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Full-Day Healing Immersion

Spend a day with Jennifer McCormack healing and aligning to your dreams and goals.

What beliefs are making life hard?

Is the energy you holding blocking your path?

What shifts do you need to make to align on your path?

Using the combined power of kinesiology, hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy.

Business Blocks

We will deep dive energetically what is blocking your business from growing to the next level as well as what beliefs, programs and stresses you are holding

Align to Ideal Clients

Who is your ideal client and are you calling them in or pushing them away? Let's align you to your ideal client.

Magnetic Marketing

Is your marketing connecting? Are you speaking to crickets or are you open to the flow of new clients?

Money Blocks

What is standing in your way of financial growth? Whether this is inherited beliefs, energetic blocks, or taught behaviours we will clear it all.

Opening to receive Money

To you feel you deserve an abundant life, have you earnt it? Is there a reason you are hiding from it? Lets clear all beliefs that are in your way.

Lifestyle Alignment

Whether you want to work on relationship goals, health goals, physical pain, or addictions. This is a great place to start addressing all of these.

What Our Clients Say


A Full day with Jennifer allowed me to upgrade my business, get clear on my vision, add on 4 staff members, work on my energy and sugar addictions and gain clarity on my relationship. This was a major asset to my business and life.

To register your interest in working with Jennifer for your own private full-day immersion email her here
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