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Healing Gut Health Naturally

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To help improve your health, obtain balance in your body,

and therefore in you Life.

When our gut is not functions at optimum levels, we can feel it in many area of our life.


The physical side can range from:

- Feeling Bloated

- Stomach cramps

- Excess Gas

- Constipation & Diarrhea

-Food Intolerances / Sensitivities

But also there are the other side effects that we didn't realise were gut related:

- Fatigue

- Lack of mental clarity

- Being tired after eating

- Moodiness

& even anxiety can be a side effect of poor gut health

With our modern stressful lifestyles and diets, it can weaken our stomachs and our immune system, to the point where we resort to trying elimination diets just to get more confused about what we can and can’t eat.


Unfortunately, the more we leave it the worst it gets and the side effects just won't repair on their own without attention. The longer the leave it the more likely we are to develop IBS, food allergies, stomach infections and can go as far as bowel diseases such as cancer.

The truth is we don't have to feel this way.  We can heal the gut and live a beautiful sustainable healthy lifestyle by eating the things we love.  There is no need to suffer. There is no need for pills, there is no need to live another day in pain.

Kinesiology & Hypnotherapy can get to the root cause of the problem and then work a 3 pronged healing approach.




1. What patterns of behaviour you are playing on autopilot in the background that is causing the mental and/or physical stress. As we know, gut health and mental stress can go hand in hand.

2. We look most effective way for you to heal. As we are all different, we look at you, your body and how it wants to heal.

3. We also look at what we need to do to sustain this new level of health and vitality.  What we don't want is the symptoms to come back in one month or one year. We want to make sustainable, effective healing and changes.

With the use of kinesiology, we can work together to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. To help heal the body, heal the mind, heal the emotions and give you tools and strategies on how to work with your body on an ongoing basis to maintain optimum health.  


The symptoms that you may be experiencing, are your body's way of indicating that something is not quite right and should be explored further before they get to a point where it can get really hard to come back from.  


It is normally more than food that is a contributing factor in our digestive problems. Stress, diet and medication are the biggest contributing factors in our poor gut health.  


That's where I can help you.  

You may wonder how kinesiology can help you with this… with the science of muscle testing and working with you on an energetic level, we are able to access the root cause of the issue.  Rather than treating the symptoms, we work on why it is there in the first place. What started this all these many years ago, that has manifested itself into our physical aliments of today?  It also helps us connect our physical symptoms to other mental and physical side effects that our bodies are experiencing.

It's time to get rid of sluggish days and start living life


My objective is to help you achieve the mind, body and soul balance to whatever level you desire. I am here to give you the specialised service and attention that you deserve and require to help you obtain your goals.


Sessions can be done via zoom

(You can be anywhere around the globe)


or in-person in

Moorabbin Vic

In the first session, I will get to know you and understand your biggest health issues. Whether they be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. 

Together we will start to look at the root cause of the issue and start to release it. As well as giving you some tools to take away, to help you start your healing journey.



If you would like to take the first step forward, please fill in the form below and we can discuss the right approach to your healing journey.

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