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Transform your world by learning how to bring your dreams into reality.

1st - 5th Sept 2022

What is on your vision board,
that you want as part of your reality?

True Love
The car

To lose weight
To have that wardrobe
Get that job
To increase your wealth so you never have to look at a price tag again.

This can be your reality.

But what happens when are you feeling stuck, unmotivated or just need a new direction?

Does every day feel like Groundhog Day, and you can't see the reward for effort?

All you know is that each weekend comes around and then it starts again.

Yes, there are little wins and bouts of fun, but you question what is your real purpose at the moment.

The problem is you are not in alignment with yourself and it can affect many areas of your life

- A career and business that feels stagnant

- A  relationship that is currently unfulfilling

- Experiencing feast and famine with your finances

- You are not where you thought you would be in life.

What if you could turn this all around?

Imagine adding purpose and clarity to your days

Increasing your consciousness

Changing your mindset to align with your goals

Connecting deeper to yourself and others

Increasing your income

Living the life of your dreams

This could be your reality

The universe had put this dream in your consciousness for a reason ~ 
Because you can achieve it.
All you need to do is claim it. xox

Spend 6 months deep diving into aligning and making your dreams come true.

Starting off with 5 nights in Bali to reconnect back into your heart and your soul.

To remember what it is like for your heart to beat with peace, tranquillity and love. 

Let's reset, gain clarity on what you want, and manifest it into reality.


Kinesiology  ~  Hypnotherapy  ~  Retreat  ~  Coaching

The From Word to World Package has been specifically put together to take you on the journey of creating. Healing and removing the blocks, learning to align and connect with your soul and know what action we need to take to make our dreams come to life.


What this looks like:


- 5 Day Bali Retreat

- 6 Month Kinesiology/Mentor Package (1 session a fortnight for 6 months)

- Whatsapp support during the 6 months



- Healing Anxiety online course

- Money Manifestation online course

Group Kinesiology  ~  Workshops  ~  Private Healing  ~ Breathwork  ~  Hypnotherapy

5-Day Bali Retreat


This is a small intimate group of like-minded women coming together to work on themselves for 5 days.

We know the world is busy and can be quite demanding of you. So, let’s take you away, treat you like the queen you are, so you can focus on you for 5 days to start this magnificent manifestation journey.



- 5 Days of bliss

- Time and space for deep connection with self

- Reset, clarify, create.

- Group Kinesiology Sessions

- Meditation

- Refection Time

- Workshops to help you connect in

- Private Healing

- Kinesiology and Hypnotherapy

- Breathwork

- Mother Nature at her best in a secluded peaceful setting.

- Relax

Day 1 – Arrival, Welcome Dinner, Evening Clarity workshop

Day 2 – Group workshops

Day 3 & 4 – You will be working with me 1:1 for approx. 3-4 hours each. Here we will deep dive into everything you need personally to move forward. I will do the healing work with you to help you align to your goals and to mentally get out of your own way. Any Hypnosis done during this time will be recorded for you to take away.


While you are not working with me, you will have homework to explore, Breathwork workshops and free time to explore the wonders Bali has to offer.

Day 5- Morning Integration and Departure.


What's Included:

All your time with Jennifer and other practitioners

inc private 1/2 day healing.


Breakfast daily

Lunch daily

Welcome Dinner

Pick Up from the airport or local accommodation


What’s not Inc:


Day 2,3&4 dinners are open to you to explore the wonderful restaurants of Bali. We suggest going in your group.

Taxi’s to get around



Airport drop-off at the end. (We can help you arrange)

Kinesiology  ~  Hypnotherapy  ~  Coaching

6 Month Coaching Package

After the 5 day retreat, you will have clarity on the direction you are going in.

What do the next 6 Months look like

- Fortnightly 1 hr online sessions

- Energetic work - Aligning your energy to your goals, releasing blocks and barriers

- Mindset work - Clearing sabotage programs, paradigms, procrastination and anything else in your way

- Money Mindset work

- Aligning you to your version of success

- Accountability

- Creating actionable with you to step forward and achieve your goals.

This will be a journey like no other, creating the best version of you. Turning your dreams into reality. Moving forward with a newfound level of self-awareness and alignment.

About Your Facilitator
Jennifer McCormack

Jennifer McCormack is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Kinesiologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, author and speaker. She works within her private practice with Female Business Owners and women not only helping them understand how their emotions affect their physical body and their current reality but also facilitating the healing and personal growth process, to help them align and achieve their goals in all areas of life. From business, health and wellness and relationships.


After years of struggling with her own health with food intolerances, depression, anxiety, PND and multiple miscarriages as well as struggling to grow her private practice, Jennifer realised all her problems were interconnected in some way. As she journeyed through the healing process with her emotions and body, the business automatically expanded and opportunities flowed in.


Originally trained as a Fashion Designer, Jennifer’s career change began after the successful delivery of her first son. Wanting to leave the stressful corporate life behind and bring up a family in a more holistic environment.  Jennifer is now a trained SFEF Kinesiologist, Strategic Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NRT (Neuro Reprocessing Therapy) &  Reiki Practitioner, dedicated to helping people reconnect with the depth of whom they are, helping them heal so they can grow to an elite level in life and business and manifesting their goals and dreams.


Option 1: Retreat + 6month Package



$1500aud deposit + 6x monthly payment of $1000aud

Option 2: Retreat only


Payment plan available

*no coaching packing or 1/2 day intensive in Bali included in this option.

Feel free to chat to me further if you wish to include some one on one time in Bali

Retreat, Bali Retreat, Healing Retreat, Yoga Retreat, Spiritual Retreat

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