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Bali Retreat

Reset, Connect & Create

9th - 13th Sept 2022

Reset, reconnect In and transform your world by learning how to bring your dreams into reality.

9th - 13th Sept 2022

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Live your life for you.

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works;

if from the head, almost nothing.

5 nights in Bali to reconnect back into your heart and your soul.

To remember what it is like for your heart to beat with peace, tranquillity and love. 

Let's reset, gain clarity on what you want, and manifest it into reality.

We all want a world that lights us up.

One that we create deliberately and that is aligned with our souls.


We have all at one time or another crated a vision board, but if your anything like I used to be it would then be either hung up on the wall or put away and never really fully manifest. Maybe, possibly one or two things, but never everything we want.


I, myself have been doing some soul searching and looking at what I love about my business and what I deliberately would like it to look like. One of my loves in what I do, is when I help women bring their vision boards into reality. Seeing all their dreams come true.


Some of the things need actions, while I’ve seen others that effortlessly manifest into reality with alignment. It so exciting to watch.

This retreat is designed for you to reconnect to your soul center to gain clarity on what you want and to learn to clear the beliefs, barriers and energetic blocks that are in your way on receiving them.

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What is on your vision board?

What kind of life do you want?

What kind of career or business would really light you up?

How much do you want it?

Are you ready to receive it?

Destiny is not a matter of chance,
but a matter of choice.

Group Kinesiology  ~  Workshops  ~ Breathwork  ~  Hypnotherapy

5-Day Bali Retreat


We know the world is busy and can be quite demanding of you. So, let’s take you away, treat you like the queen you are, so you can focus on you for 5 days to start this magnificent manifestation journey.

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- 5 Days of bliss

- Time to relax and reconnect with self.

- Reset, clarify, create.

- Group Kinesiology Sessions

- Meditation

- Refection Time

- Workshops to help you connect in

- Kinesiology and Hypnotherapy

- Breathwork

- Mother Nature at her best in a secluded peaceful setting.

- Relax

Day 1

Arrival, Welcome Dinner, Evening Clarity workshop

Day 2, 3 & 4


Clearing sessions

Breathwork Sessions

Releasing Stress and Beleifs

Aligning to your Goals

Awakening Mediations and Rituals

Integration Meditations

Day 5

Morning Integration and Departure.

What's Included:

All your time with Jennifer and other practitioners


Breakfast daily

Lunch daily

Welcome Dinner

Pick Up from the airport or local accommodation


What’s not Inc:


Day 2,3&4 dinners are open to you to explore the wonderful restaurants of Bali. We suggest going in your group.

Taxi’s to get around



Airport drop-off at the end. (We can help you arrange)

About Your Facilitator
Jennifer McCormack

Jennifer McCormack is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Kinesiologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, author and speaker. She works within her private practice with Female Business Owners and women not only helping them understand how their emotions affect their physical body and their current reality but also facilitating the healing and personal growth process, to help them align and achieve their goals in all areas of life. From business, health and wellness and relationships.


After years of struggling with her own health with food intolerances, depression, anxiety, PND and multiple miscarriages as well as struggling to grow her private practice, Jennifer realised all her problems were interconnected in some way. As she journeyed through the healing process with her emotions and body, the business automatically expanded and opportunities flowed in.


Originally trained as a Fashion Designer, Jennifer’s career change began after the successful delivery of her first son. Wanting to leave the stressful corporate life behind and bring up a family in a more holistic environment.  Jennifer is now a trained SFEF Kinesiologist, Strategic Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NRT (Neuro Reprocessing Therapy) &  Reiki Practitioner, dedicated to helping people reconnect with the depth of whom they are, helping them heal so they can grow to an elite level in life and business and manifesting their goals and dreams.


$1650p/p Single

$1200 p/p Twin Share

*Twin share rooms - both people must book at the same time.


Retreat Add ons:

Private Kinesiology / Hypnotherapy sessions $200

*Must be booked prior to leaving, as spaces for this will be limited.

Inhouse Massages – $16-30

This ranges from $16 - $30AUD depending on the type of massage. This can be booked when you get there. This is an excellent add-on for days 3 and 4. (*bring cash for this)


Inhouse manicure or pedicure - $16aud

This price is approx. depending on the availability of staff at the time.

This can be booked when you get there. This is an excellent add-on for days 3 and 4. (*bring cash for this)

Please Note:

*As of 21 July 2022 Bali requires covid vaccination for entry (please check updated status)

*It is advised to have travel insurance prior to the trip

*If booking a twin share room, both parties need to book at the same time.

*Please note above what is and isn't included in the retreat price.

*Min age to go on retreat is 18 years of age.

*This is a women only retreat.

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