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Start November 3rd, 2022

When was the last time you asked yourself, what do I want?


Do you want to say YES to more money?

Do you want to say YES to open up to more flow?

Do you want to say YES to more financial freedom?

Do you want to say YES to having more financial control?

Do you want to say YES to making more than just enough?


To create a place where you can think about donating, investing, growing, and expanding rather than just surviving.

Where you can focus on what’s next rather than getting through the right now.

To create freedom through choices that the overflow of money can provide.

Think about what you can create by Clearing Your Money Blocks.


So what are the most common experiences that tell us we have money blocks;
- Plateauing at the same level of income

- Anxiety around money (earning, spending, saving, growing)
- Working to the point of exhaustion and only seeing a small increase in earnings.
- Envy of people that have what you want, and then making excuses why you do have it.

But they can also look like this:

- Sick of having ‘just’ enough?
- Having fear of money running out?
- Can never save what you want to?
- Feeling like you have ‘too much’ debt?
- Feeling like having abundance just doesn’t happen for you?
- Experiencing feast or famine with money. Having the best income month, but attracting the same amount of bills.
- Feeling maxed out. Simply no more energy or way to bring in more.


I know at times the world can make you feel bad about wanting more money, or even focusing on it.
Don't be shy in owning that you know you are destined for more.

You know 'cause you can feel it deep within. Most people I talk to have already felt into the vision of that part of their life.  It's ok to be ok with that and everything from here is one step at a time toward that version of your life.

Money won't make you happier, but it can make life easier and give you more choices.


More choices for your life and your kids

More choices to help others

More choices to grow your business that help others.

Working through your money blocks can be the most self fore-filling thing that you can do for yourself.

Going through the way we think about money, earning, saving, spending, and investing it.

How responsible we feel we are with it.
How much we ignore it.
Feel guilty about spending, or not saving.
Feeling guilty about not bringing more in.
It's time to stop all of this and have a good relationship with money. Allow it to flow into your life.

It is time to be inspired by it.
Allow it to create opportunities in your life. 

Money can't make you happy, but it can sure make things easier. The journey of releasing the money blocks brings you one step closer to the happiness within, simply based on the kind of blocks we hold around our own self-worth, how we think about money, wealthy people, and life in general.

Let's be honest

We have all felt anxious around money at some point or another.

Will we have enough?

Can I afford this?

Will it come on time?

I have many wealthy clients and no matter how much money you have the problems don't go away if the beliefs are still there.

That is why some people earn millions but are at the point of having a nervous breakdown, or their body is riddled with pain.

The 'I need to work hard for money' is one belief that is crippling the work.

This doesn't mean you sit back on the couch and wait.

Yes, there is work to do, but you don't have to push yourself to the edge to make the money you desire.

Have your money beliefs work for you, not against you.
Who is Jennifer McCormack?

Jennifer is a Kinesiologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Strategic Psychotherapist. But who is she really... Jennifer Is a single mother of two boys that refuses to believe that life needs to be hard as a single mother.  That single mums can make it too. Without the hustle, struggle, and social pitty. She believes in empowering people to live their best life. To break through the mold of what society wants us to believe and believe what works for us. 

To do this she understands there is a lot of unlearning and relearning, trauma healing and self-nurturing that needs to happen, and it's important to hold space for that to occur.

Jennifer is here to help you create your best life on your terms. Whatever you see that to be and help facilitate the healing to get there.

It's not about what I want for you, it's about what you want for yourself. xx



WEEK 1 - Financial Empowerment

WEEK 2 - Creating Financial Goals that work

WEEK 3 - Clearing the past

WEEK 4 - Creating new beliefs that attract money

WEEK 5 - Savings, Debt, Investing & Financial Organising

WEEK 6 - Quantum leaping - let's Go for Gold!!


- money manifestation worksheets

- replay of all live sessions

- extra money manifestation hypnosis recordings.


4 X $222AUD


When is the live session held?

Sessions are held on Thursday evenings at 7pm adst.

Do I have to attend live?

No, all sessions are recorded and sent out to all participants within 24hrs. So if you can not attend live, you will have lifetime access to all the recordings, so you can watch them anywhere, anytime that works for you.

What if I need help?

During the live sessions, you will have time to ask all the questions you need, to be able to give you the clarity that you require to do the deep work. 

If you are not able to attend the live sessions, you can email your questions to and she will answer them in the live sessions so you have them on the recording.

How will I know if it will work for me?

We are all at different stages in our money journey. Some of us have break-throughs when we sign up, even before the course officially starts, some need to revisit the course a few times to gain the results they require and everything in between.  Jennifer goes through how to effectively set your money goals in this course so you can start seeing results sooner rather than later.

Does this course give financial advice?

Jennifer is not a financial adviser and will not be giving you any specific financial advice to you. She will help guide you through the mental, emotional, and energetic work around money so you can attract it into your world more easily.

How will we do the work?

Jennifer will be using an array of tools within these live classes to help you clear your blocks and attract more money. Some of these will include hypnotherapy, kinesiology, journalling, and meditations.

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